Best FPS Mouse for Online Gaming(PUBG/FORTNITE)

Gaming mouse is the first weapon a professional FPS online gamer needs. The size, structure of your hand and your grip (claw, palm, and fingertip) are two main things to be considered when picking up a gaming mouse.

You need a gaming mouse that lightweight, comfortable and able to move quickly. Its weight also plays role in the gameplay. Heavier it is, the more force you will apply to move it. The mouse weight along with DPI plays the greatest role in your mouse movement in online gaming

While browsing for a gaming mouse, you will encounter the following terms:

  1. DPI: – This is also known as CPI (Counts per inch). This represents the speed of your mouse. The higher the DPI setting, the higher the speed of the mouse. But as the speed increases, it’s harder to be accurate.
  2. Click Distance: – To register a click how far keys are needed to be pressed.
  3. Polling rate: – It’s the rate at which a mouse reports its position to the computer. For a 125Hz polling rate it reports its position 125 times per second. A 500 Hz rate means that it is reporting its position to the computer every 2 milliseconds.
  4. Sensor: – An optical mouse is better than a laser one, a laser one uses light beam for tracing and during fast movement some of the light may be lost.

Here’s are few things what we recommend you to consider while browsing for your next gaming mouse.

  1. Light weight than heavier one.
  2. Low click pressure
  3. Fewer buttons
  4. Customizable weight for your needs.
  5. Easy to grip and not the bulky one.
  6. Wired rather than wireless one
  7. Optic mouse rather than laser one

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