Best Gaming Keyboard For PUBG and FORTNITE

Playing PUBG with wrong gaming keyboard is like playing golf with baseball bat. You wont get the good result while playing as laggy and unresponsive keyboard will affect your game play. A mechanical gaming keyboard is more preferable for online gaming as each key has their respective sensors that delivers better feedback.

What you should you look in gaming Keyboard

Longevity. Most gaming keyboards(preferably mechanical ones) last about 10 times longer than a normal keyboard.

Gaming response. Gaming keyboards  should have a greater tactile response (even the smooth linear ones).

Cost. It is one of the main factor to consider. If you’re a very light gamer who doesn’t want  to invest a lot of money into a keyboard than there are cheap options available in the market.

Gaming experience. Before considering a gaming keyboard check reviews on YouTube and other review sites.

Mechanical keyboard than traditional keyboard. Each key contains a complete switch underneath. Each key has their respective sensors that delivers better feedback than the traditional keyboards.

Wired keyboard than Wireless. Wireless keyboard is preferred for less demanding speed and precision. Wired keyboards are more responsive than wireless one. Also wireless keyboards performance becomes poor as battery fitted inside these keyboards degrades over time.

The best gaming keyboards improves skills in the PC games like PUBG , especially if you get a mechanical keyboard. So, when you’re out shopping for one of the best gaming keyboards, keep an eye open for the kind of switches it uses.

Now if you are overwhelmed with all the technical info we shared above then no need to worry about. You can check our collection of PRO PLAYERS Settings and configurations. You my then get better idea on type of keyboards and other equipment these pro players use. In this way it will be easier for you to decide best keyboards to consider for your next purchase.