Miramar is a 8x8km city-centric map with an open desert plain and rural areas. Miramar offers unique terrain and dense urban areas. With an island to the south east home to a prison and smaller villages, the entire area is cut off from the west and north-east by enormous canyons and mountains, with a looming metal wall to the north keeping outsiders out, and players in. Miramar will create a new Battle Royale experience where the old strategies from Erangel may no longer work and new tactics are required. It is a city-centric map based in Mexico.

Miramar EN.jpeg

Major cities

Chumacera, El Pozo, La Cobreria, Los Leones, Valle del Mar, Monte Nuevo, San Martin

Minor cities

Cruz del Valle, El Azahar, Impala, Los Higos, Pecado, Puerto Paraíso, Tierra Bronca, Torre Ahumada, La Bendita

Major landmarks

Hacienda del Patrón, Prison


Miramar features the following weapons:

AKM,AUG A3,AWM,Beryl M762,Crossbow,Crowbar,Flare Gun,G36C,Groza,Karabiner 98 Kurz, M16A4, M24, M249, M416, Machete, Micro UZI, Mini 14, Mk14 EBR, P18C, P1911, Pan, S12K, S1897, S686, SKS, SLR, Sickle, Skorpion, Tommy Gun, UMP9, VSS, Vintorez, Vector, Winchester Model 1894, MK47 Mutant


Map Miramar has this type of weather;

  • Clear (w/o clouds)
  • Sunrise
  • Rain
  • Fog


Buggy, Motorcycle (w/ sidecar), Motorcycle, Pickup, Van, PG-117, Aquarail, C-130