The flare gun allows you to call a special airdrop, which contains double the amount of a normal airdrop. The flare gun goes into the pistol slot. If there are multiple flare guns, you can also carry multiple flare’s ammo, but can carry only one gun at a time. When you fire the gun you have to shoot directly up into the air. Shooting into the ground or at a lower angle will not call in an airplane. The drop ejects from the plane close to the physical position of the actual flare and lands about 150 meters away from where you fired the gun.

When fired there is  a visible flare hanging in the air which will pretty much alert everyone on the entire map.

Once a flare is fired straight up into the air and reaches an altitude of 200 meters, a plane will soon fly over the map and drop off either a crate if the player is inside the safe zone, or a UAZ if outside.

And now to the loot of the flare-gun airdrops, let’s agree to call them flare drops. It contains  double the airdrop, meaning it’s just two airdrop weapons with ammo and the occasional armor, healing, ghillie suit, scopes and so on.

You can’t shoot players with the flare gun. If you do this, flare will just bounce off and never do any damage.

So you should be more careful while choosing for a place to shoot the flare gun as players would be rushing to these locations as soon as they see the flare gun shot.

In game description, flare gun is termed as

Flares as a usable weapon or supply signal.

You can check more about flare gun in pub on PUBG WIKI Page. here you can find more info on other weapons.

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